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A fees management system, often referred as software, is a tool that allows you to manage your school fees and other relevant information digitally. It simplifies the process of charge collection and structurization. Setting up fees structures, fee payments, student fees, fees activity reports, paid fees reports, due fees reports, and a variety of other features are all available. After the administrator has set up the price structure, the fees management system software calculates the total fees for all students.It allows you to keep track of payments that are due and those that have been paid so that you may send a message to parents urging them to pay before the deadline. Management of fees is an important part of school and other educational institution activities. Webnytic makes managing the fee collection, financial transactions and receipt production process simple and rapid. It also eliminates the need for repeated data entry by automating the entry of fee receipts into school accounts.


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fees management system


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What Is The Fees Management System’s Purpose?

For a long time, educational institutes have collected money fees manually and physically, prompting parents to line in front of the school office. This procedure was often exhausting for both parents and students, as well as the school administration. Since a result of the current situation, this has gotten worse, as parents are afraid to stand in long lines and are instead working from home. The fees management system at the Educational Institute allows you to securely collect and manage fee transactions online.

The Payment Gateways connection also enables parents to pay school fees directly without hassle. They can use UPI, net banking, credit/debit cards, and other online payment methods to make their payments.

The fees management system software can be used by the Educational Institutes administration to keep a record of all school fees received and due. They are not obliged to manually manage the transaction. They can also collect fees through Payment Integration, which eliminates to go to the bank to deposit money received from parents.

Fees management system software at educational institutes has a number of benefits for both the administration of the educational institute as well as the students and parents. Many educational institutions used this school fee management system.

These benefits are what attract educational institutions ERP customers to Educational Institutes management software and its fees management, financial management feature.

Why You Need Fees Management Software ?

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  • Dashboard Analytics – Provide a summary of the KPIs with comparisons to previous months.

  • Fees Manager – A fees management system that automates the tedious task of manually processing fees. There will never be another rupee lost.

  • Email/SMS Notification – Automated and one-click urgent alerts to students, parents, and staff about upcoming dues and other significant fee and other updates, such as Overdue.

Simple, yet powerful and adaptable
System to Manage Fees

Fees Management System

SSL and multi-layer security protect two-factor authentication using OTP Super Secure from hackers.

  • Franchisees and employees have different levels of access depending on their roles.

  • Because it is online fee management software you can use it whenever and anywhere you want.

  • Franchisee admin and staff members have their own logins.

  • For pending fines and other issues, there is an alert system.

  • For real-time status, dynamic reports and dashboards are available.

  • Students’ and fees data are automatically backed up every day.

  • Instant assistance by phone, email, and WhatsApp

  • There is also a multi-franchise system available.


Webnytic – Best Fees Management System

Fees Management System Software is a computerized module that calculates fees, payment history, deductions, and discounts for a certain student. In addition to the aforementioned, the user has the option of requesting for a payment/fee period that lasts longer than one month.

Our fee management system makes it simple to keep track of the fee structure and range that the user has set. The ability to automatically produce bills improves the system’s dependability. The system can approve receipt of the fees with just a few clicks. A user can confirm the collection at any time with a simple click. The fees management system is frequently used by educational institutions and coaching/training facilities.

Features Coming Soon…

Webnytic’s fee management system offers you the most cost-effective fee option. It makes keeping track of the pricing structure and range straightforward.

  • Promotion Management System to provide automated promotional offers to students via WhatsApp, SMS, and Email on a weekly, monthly, and festival basis. Improve your reputation with automated Google and Facebook review management.

  • During the session, a student performance tracking system is used to evaluate the student’s performance.

  • Track and manage student and teacher attendance using Attendance Management.

  • Admin and franchisee mobile apps to track fees and other data in real time.


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