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Webnytic’s FMCS Foil Control Management Software helps Indian Pharma Foil Printing Businesses stay organised with invoicing, inventory, accounting demands, and more! The idea is to make a businessman’s daily routine less taxing, allowing him to focus on building his company rather than dealing with paperwork.

As a result, they allocate the lot of time to manual data entry and calculations. The entire business suffers since there is no place to fall back when minor things go wrong.

A lack of resources can weary a business leader, diverting their focus away from the most critical responsibilities. FCMS! is Havteq’s attempt to develop a more user-friendly solution. It’s a multi-user programme, and you’ll provide each user user-specific permissions. The following are some of the features.

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Create Purchase Order / Job Cards –

Foil Control is a piece of software that allows you to manage your foil. You can fill up a purchase order with all of the information you receive from the customer. It is very easy to track  you need the desired information of all the purchase order.

Billing / Invoicing –

FMCS selects only those work cards for which a packing list has been prepared in the billing area. At the time of billing, FMCS provides you with a more simple solution. Simply select the work cards using the easy dropdown technique and apply additional charges such as Freight or Cylinder Charges.

Packing List and Stickers –

When the Job card is complete, we produce a user-friendly screen for creating the Packing List. Simply select the data from the dropdown menus, fill in the weight, and enter the number of rolls.

Work in Process (WIP) –

It keeps track of the information on the WIP job cards. It allows top management to keep track of the current work in progress. Any consumer needs information about their product, and it’s incredibly simple to get the most up-to-date information on your PC.

Easily track inventory-

Foil Management System Software

No one wants to lose consumers due to a lack of real-time inventory information, and no one wants to store unnecessary goods. Fortunately, our Foil Control Management Software can help you keep track of your inventory. You can arrange your next buy by looking at sales records to see when they will be needed.


The FMCS reporting contains all of the reports that you manually manage.

  • Job card history by customer (This report provides complete information from the time the Purchase Order is entered to the time the COA is issued.)

  • Specifications for each product (This report contains comprehensive production information, including finished quantity and waste.)

  • Register of Sales (This report gives the information of customer wise total sale within the date range.)

  • HSN GST Report (It provides HSN-specific information.)

  • PO Details That Are Still Pending (This report gives the pending purchase order details which would be help into our production planning and discuss the points of lacking)

  • Details on a Pending Job Card (This report contains information regarding pending job cards that have yet to be packed.)

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Foil Control Management Software’s Advantages

FMCS reporting section gives you all type of reports that you manage manually.

  • Easily keep track of every purchase order in your inventory.

  • Know the exact status of your purchase order, job cards, packing list, billing, and certificate of authenticity in real time.

  • Increases the efficiency and production of the company.

  • Ability to make lucrative inventory investment decisions.

  • It helps you save money, time, and effort.

  • Get useful information about your inventory.

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