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All the payroll services including employee records tracking, end year bonuses, payroll taxes, tax returns, tax compliance, remaining payment, benefits management, handles with payroll management system. The main benefit of a payroll software is that is saves our time. There are many type of methods in payroll management like Excel-based, payment management software and outsourced but payroll management software provides best solution for any organisation. With payroll software, you can handle all payroll processes. Any business with staff should have a payroll software to handle all payroll processes.

What is a Payroll Management Process

A payroll management software is a single platform that enables your business to hassle-free handle all your employees financial records automatically. All the financial records like employee’s salaries, net pay, deduction, payslips generation, bonuses etch for a specific period of time. All these are part of payroll processing. Payroll management system is best for all small business owners as well as large business.

Why do you need a payroll process for your business

payroll management system

As you would have already realised, your business activities are primarily divided into two broad categories: the macro and the micro.

Here the macro category refers as big and broader stuff. In this activities included the long term vision of your company. Your organisation development strategy, revenue, sales. Cash flow etc, involved in this category.

The micro category include the everyday the day-to-day operations of your business. These tasks seem ordinary and repetitive and just as important to maintain your business.

Important And Advanced Features of Payroll Management Software

Below you can find the and advanced features of the best payroll management software that essential for your organisation needs.

In Payroll software payrolls should be automatic generate.

Should be able to Creating correct and quick invoices and quotes.

It should be useful in tax forms filling.

It also has contain some important tax reporting tools.

It must contain contractor payments and vendor payments tools.

It should be able to keeping track of earning.

High level security feature must be available in PAYROLL SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS

What Is In Store For You

  • Integrated to HR Errands
  • Database | Employee Engagement
  • Tax | Statutory Compliances | Deductions
  • Salary | Overtime | Bonus | Incentive
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payroll management software

Benefits of Using Payroll Management System

Payroll management software has lots of benefits for an organisation( of all sizes).

Attendance system of employee

With payroll management software, employee attendance system give you a very easy method to manage absences, overtime and leaves. Instead of all these, you can see what type of leave they are presently on, how much leave they are allowed to etc. it makes all these work a lot easier.

Less mistakes

Online payroll management system minimizes the risks of mistakes. When you manage your payroll manually, it is common occurring human error but with the use of payroll software, it minimize the risk of human errors. It can stop you from entering the wrong and duplicate information. Payroll process is gives you more accurate data.

Cost Effective

With payroll management software you can handle all payroll yourself and not use any professional services. When once you can use this software very efficiently and easily, naturally you are not going with professional service. You can taking control of payroll yourself of your company.


With manually payroll, you have to require filling the payroll data that consume time and increase mistakes and you have to kept all the payroll record but with online and best payroll software, it can save all the records online and securely accessed by you, when you need to review them.

Updates of taxes

Payroll management system help you to remembering all the tax updates if you might have missed the latest updates of taxes and tax filings. Most of the payroll software automatically updated when any changes in tax laws at the time of tax filings.


Capability of functioning multiple tasks

The payroll management system is a single platform that perform multiple functions of your company. The functions like CRM, HR management, accounting, inventory, employee record and employee information, tax payments etc. All these functions perform in one platform. The payroll management software provide important information from the database.

Data security

With the payroll management software, the admin as well as employees, both can access the database of the system that can fetch the information. Like employee can fetch the information about their attendance, salary and other official credentials.

Increase Employee confidence

A payroll Management system can help you to managing all the tasks with no chance of errors. With this a positive effect leaving on employees because with the help of this software they can manage all the task efficiently. Webnytic provide best payroll software solutions. Contact with us to know more.

Integrated to HR Errands


Manual Attendance
Automatic Attendance
Semi-Auto Attendance


Multiple Shift
Flexible Shift


Customized leave policies
Leave carry forward, Leave approval
Short Leave assignment
Classify Holiday

Database | Employee Engagement


Employee personal/official information/Sleep Mode
Salary details
Roles & Access authorization


Apply Leave & Short Leave
Apply official duty
Apply Expense Claims
Check/Verify Salary


Create Task
Engage Team Members
Track the task until completion

Salary | Overtime | Bonus | Incentive


Monthly Salary
Advance Salary
Salary Approval
Bonus Accumulation
Pay slip Generation


Overtime Rules/Criteria
Overtime Calculation
Overtime Approval


Incentive against attendance
Diverse incentive rules/criteria

Tax | Statutory Compliances | Deductions




Uniform allowance
Employee welfare fund
Loan deduction
Advance deduction


TDS as per government norms
Set TDS rate employee wise

How Webnytic Payroll Makes Life Easy

Excel import to upload bulk data in one go.

Multiple shifts | Flexible Shift.

Automatic Attendance Upload

Employee Sleep Facility


Overtime calculation

Loan Facility

Single spot to manage multiple location data.

Three ways to upload attendance: Automatic, Semi-Auto, Manual

Employee Self-Service

Table Food services proper management


Reports of all needs

Payslip in English and Hindi

Webnytic Payroll – Linked Apps


Shows settings to set different TDS deduction criteria and automatic TDS application.


Enables selecting and assigning desired week off day.


Unlocks the tab for organized loan formalities and recovery.


Activates the option via which emps can apply for short leave.


CONTROL/AUTRORIZATION Authorizes primary user to limit access rights for sub-user.


Shows settings to enable the desired leave types.


Keeps task status updated to assure on time task completion.


Setting essential HR document format to use frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about Enterprise Resource Planning Software(ERP) Software

Payroll management software is a platform where you can handle all the payroll services including, employee records tracking, end year bonuses, payroll taxes, tax returns, remaining payment, benefits management etc. Payroll is one of the most important and time-consuming process for any business or industry.

Payroll management system do everything with the process of filing texes of employment and paying employees. Employees need to enter their worked hours, wages and then payroll software automatically make calculations with the uses of their information. Most of the payroll software automatically updated when any changes in tax laws.

The best payroll management software that essential for your organisation needs, it requires some considerations. It should be automatic generate payrolls and gives you extra features in accounting system, ERP, HRM. Payroll management software come in many different packages. The payroll management system is a single platform that perform multiple functions of your company.

Online payroll software minimizes the risks of mistakes. It can stop you from entering the wrong and duplicate information. Payroll process is gives you more accurate data. You can taking control of payroll yourself of your company. It saves your important time.

In HR, Payroll management system can manage the employees salaries. It includes salary, deductions, net payable, allowances etc. it also generate the payslips of employees.

Payroll and HR are two different parts of you business. HR mainly deals with employees relations, while payroll deals the employees compensation.

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