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Hey there, Creators!

If You Are a Creator & You Wish to Edit the Reels/Shorts like Ali Abdaal & Alex Hormozi.

Then, We are beyond excited to welcome you to Our creative world with the Ultimate Editing Resources Pack. 🚀

What’s Inside?

I have Created this Editing Pack with over 1 Tb+ Resources and over 3+ years of My Video Editing Experience with YT Creators and Brands.

This Pack Contains the following substances:

VFX Models

From cinematic overlays to mesmerizing transitions, our 1200+ VFX collection adds a touch of magic to every frame.

SFX Gallery

Engage your audience by 120+ extensive sound effects library that ensures every auditory detail enhances the impact of your video.

Motion Graphics

Our excellent and well- skilled experts incorporate greatly prepared people gaining practical experience in every part of web development, design, and search engine optimization.

LUTs, Presets, and Templates

Elevate your editing with a collection of 80+ LUTs, presets, and templates designed to add professional polish to your videos.

FREE Subscription of Final Cut Pro

The First 99 orders will get a LIFETIME Free access to Final Cut Pro.

100+ Creators Portfolios & Lessons

Learn from mistakes and editing techniques that top editors use to land jobs with big YouTube creators.

Viral Video Editing Tricks & Techniques

A collection of 100% Tested Video Editing techniques, Text Styles, Visual Tricks and Secrets to make a viral video.

Not Enough Storage? Don’t Worry!

We provide a LIFETIME access to all resources via a Google Drive. You can access it Anyday, Anytime, Forever..

Updated Every Week

  • The Elements are Updated every week to include latest templates, LUTs, SFX and Motion Graphics.
  • Note: This Editing Pack has been “INSPIRED” by Ali Abdaal, Not “AFFILIATED” in any way or form.


This pack is a Goldmine. From slick transitions to amazing sound effects – it’s all here!

It is pretty comprehensive, but I expected a bit tint in the 3d models. Still, for ₹899, it’s a solid investment for filmmakers.

Honestly, The portfolio assets are a gem. Just wish there were more gaming-specific SFX. Overall, a good investment.

I have used this pack for 1 month. Heres the pros and cons: Pros:
1) It has much more resources than what you’ll ever need.
2) Well organised with detailed tutorials.
3) Easy to find specific elements.
4) Weekly updates (I got 5 Updates till now)
5) Actually nice customer service after purchase.

1) I think ₹899 is a bit more than what beginner can afford.
2) The tutorials are only in Hindi and English (Not in regional languageS.
3) I will suggest to add a link for premier pro for cheap because starters will need it.
4) Customer care usually works on chats better than on call.

I am a B.Com student and aslo. A short form video editor, I like the pack but do you have any jobs for editors??

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This editing resources pack comprises a vast collection of VFX, SFX, Motion graphics, Backgrounds, LUTs, Presets and more—everything you need to elevate your video content.

Simply click on the “Order Now” button, Enter your email during the checkout process and You will get instant access to the resources via a Google Drive link shared in your inbox.

We know that 1 Tb of resources would be a lot, So we created a Google Drive link where you can Access them 24/7.

Yes, our resources are compatible with a wide range of popular editing software, for both Phone & PCs.

We Support Capcut, Kinemaster, VN, Shotcut, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, Davinci Resolve and a lot more.

You’ll find seamless integration with industry-standard platforms.

Absolutely! Once you purchase the pack, you have the freedom to use the resources in both personal and commercial projects.

There are no additional licensing restrictions.

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